Psychotherapy for Trauma and Chronic Stress

A therapeutic relationship is like no other relationship in your life.

My purpose in counselling and psychotherapy is to walk alongside you on your life path while helping guide you toward emotional growth and understanding.

We strive to create an objective therapy experience, clearly define how we can help or refer you to a more suitable therapist. We are interested in your success. We will validate your experience and practice active listening. We may even challenge you in a non-judgemental way to promote growth.

Helpful Tools & Guides

Looking for something to read or use in between sessions? Here are some of my most helpful resources compiled just for you.


Looking to engage the services of a helpful and non-judgmental therapist? We are an inclusive service that believes in diversity and the importance of culture and culturally sensitive therapy experiences.

Here are the ways I can help.

Child and Youth Counselling

Counselling is a service that includes information sharing and empowerment, mostly short-term and very specific.


Psychotherapy is a service that is usually longer term and aims to understand recurring patterns and chronic issues.

Parent Consultation

A Parent Consultation is Your Opportunity to Get the Guidance and Knowledge You May Need to Grow a Healthy Family

Due to Julie’s specialized skill set, please contact your Encompas Case Manager about service availability.