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The Eating Disorder Caregiver Coaching Group

Facilitated By:
Julie Clarke, BCYC, MACP, RP
Sarah Terwilligar, RN, MACP, RP


This is the contact and information form to be completed as a participant in the virtual online ‘Eating Disorder Caregiver Coaching Group’. The Eating Disorder Caregiver Coaching Group is intended to increase practical understanding for those who are involved in the care of a youth with an eating disorder/disordered eating. The intention of this group is to include all caregivers involved in the care of a youth. Please refer to the fee structure below, as it is our intention to offer this group to the caregiver/family unit at one price i.e. multiple people in one family can participate for one fee.

IMPORTANT: Please be advised this virtual group gathering for information and knowledge enhancement regarding eating disorders including bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa and not otherwise specified eating disorder, as well as, disordered eating. This group gathering is intended for parents/guardians/kinship/caregivers of a youth who you may suspect are struggling with an eating disorder, or some aspect of disordered eating.

This group gathering is not psychotherapy, or medical/nursing support. It is strongly suggested if you suspect the youth that you are caring for, to have an active eating disorder that you contact your medical professional for further assessment.

This group gathering is not intended for a youth who may be medically unstable. Upon review of this completed contact and information form, facilitators Julie Clarke and Sarah Terwilligar continue to reserve the right, upon their assessment and understanding of information provided, to redirect you to more appropriate resources to best serve your needs.  The intended purpose of the Eating Disorder Caregiver Coaching Group  is to ensure the safety of your youth and that you are receiving the best care possible in order to help and especially not to create further issues.

How to Join Live Calls:

All live calls will be taking place online, with Zoom Technology. Please be sure to set up an account here:

Group Sessions are on Tuesday’s from 12pm – 1pm Eastern Standard Time.

Details of the Eating Disorder Caregiver Coaching Group:

The Eating Disorder Caregiver Coaching Group is a 6 week group gathering plus two bi weekly booster sessions (for a total of 8 weeks, each week is a 1 hour session/group gathering), and one 50 minute individual coaching call.

The live gathering will be recorded* and made available to those who were unable to attend that week. It is recommended that every attempt be made to attend live each week as this is your opportunity to ask questions and engage. Questions are encouraged and can be addressed throughout the 8-weeks on an as needed basis.

If you wish to remain anonymous during the group gathering, please advise us, and we will accommodate this request.

*Any recordings provided to the group participant’s is to remain on your own personal computer and not shared. Please respect and maintain the confidentiality of others.

Fees, Payment and Scheduling/Cancellation Policy:


Group Session (8 group coaching gatherings for family units, general support throughout, and one 50 minute coaching session per registration). These rates apply to family units, which refer to the caregivers involved in a youth’s care such as, a step parent, father, mother, grandparent, close friend etc.

All fees include sales tax.

  • 1 payment of $1,695.00 CDN per caregiver/family unit, or
  • 2 payments of $880.00 CDN per caregiver/family unit


  • Payment is due at the time acceptance into the group (or on payment plan, can pay half and remainder two weeks after)
  • Payment is processed via Pay Pal
  • Please note the Scheduling and Cancellation Policy below

Scheduling and Cancellation Policy

It is strongly suggested you commit to attend each of the 8 week sessions. The information shared will be continuous and you will gain the most benefit from attending each week. Please allow some flexibility in your schedule to allow for this.

By agreeing to commit to regular attendance in the group gathering for eating and disordered eating you are investing in a youth you care for.

You can cancel your commitment to the group gathering no later than 15 days prior to the start of the group for a full refund, less the administrative fee of $150.00.


All information shared and communicated is held in the strictest confidence; except in those situations in which disclosure is legally/ethically required. These situations include the following:

  • if there is reason to believe, that a potential risk of harm to self exists, or harm to another person  [including homicide, child/dependent/elder abuse];
  • there is a possibility a child is or has been abused/neglected and no previous report has been made to Family and Children’s Services/Children’s Aid Society/Child Protective Services; the age of a child depends on the geographic area

We will act discretely should any of these situations arise, and the intent of our actions will always be to serve in your best interest.

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